Senior Citizens Basic 2 Hour Training Confidence Course With The Knownledge Of Smart Phones & Computer Devices

(ETBS) - Essential Technology Basic Knowledge of Smart Phones And Computers (Level 1) - Basic Training For Senior citizens.
We Fix Tech are offering a community training course that support and motivates people to enjoy technology while using their device(s). Having the freedom at your fingertips to reconnect with loved ones and chat with friends will be the simple pleasures you will gain. Join in the fun with our 2 hr crash course. This will improve your basic skills to use your laptop or smartphone correctly and safely. Get to Know how to search the internet, use social media, check emails, video calls and set up your own google and Samsung account. Know about Syncing and backing up data to the cloud. Learn the basic functions of your smart phone. Settings, device care and general maintenance of your device. This will give you simple awareness which is very useful and important in day to day life.
Learn how to use facebook, youtube and web browsers to surf the net. We provide small, friend and stress-free classes where you will gain the necessary skills and confidence you need to get the most out of your device and network provider.
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